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Expert firearm manufacturing, gunsmithing, sales, and service.
Class 3 manufacturing sales and service.
FFL 07 SOT 02
MFG: 7L0D0

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AR-15 Builder Class

Learn how to properly assemble an AR-15.

  • Date: 11/19/2022 10:00 AM
  • Location: 7400 Brandy Creek Drive, Mechanicsville, VA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Freedom Forge Armory LLC

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Past Events

AR-15 Builder Class 15 Oct 20227400 Brandy Creek Drive, Mechanicsville, VA, USA
AR-15 Builder Class 24 Sep 20227400 Brandy Creek Drive, Mechanicsville, VA, USA

"Tumultuous freedom, over peaceful servitude."

Freedom Forge Armory LLC. 

"Tumultuous freedom, over peaceful servitude." 

Established on the 6th of March 2013.
After working in the retail firearms industry as a gunsmith for ten years at other small shops I decided to establish my own company to address what I saw as an attitude of just sell them a gun, the quality and customers needs don't really matter. I love making high quality rifles and silencers, and I care about my customers, not my competition. I love it when a customer pick up one of our rifles or silencers for the first time and says "Wow, this is different from my other rifles." That’s what pushed me to start this company. I built Freedom Forge Armory LLC on those principles. This is our story.

Freedom Forge Armory LLC was founded in 2013 as a small veteran owned and operated company. In those early years I focused on gunsmith services and retail sales of firearms with limited manufacturing. As the company continued to grow, by 2015 our manufacturing side had taken off and we had out grown the space we had. That's when I made the decision to shift to manufacturing our popular Joint Rifle System, so we moved to Mechanicsville in Hanover County Virginia, and purchased a bigger facility that allowed for more machines and production, with the process of expanding our manufacturing I had to eliminate our retail store front or significantly raise prices, so I got rid of our full service retail operation. The company changed it's customer focus as well, to law enforcement. Law enforcement agencies are a great place to test new products, they run them hard and aren't afraid to give feedback. In 2018 we decided to step back into the public market in our own way with a new website and opening up to public sales. The company is continuing to grow and add new and updated products every year. We work each day to deliver products unmatched in quality, precision, and customer service. From the beginning, Freedom Forge Armory has striven to be in control of every aspect of production and makes nearly every part that goes into a rifle, the parts that are made elsewhere are made to our specifications, any part that doesn't met our high standards of quality gets rejected. It's this that sets us from many of our competitors who basically assemble rather than build their products. Our goal is to build high quality rifles and suppressors, offer superior gunsmithing and refinishing, keep our cost as low as we can, and out shoot the competition. We strive to maintain our small gun shop feel and personal customer service while increasing our production. We've survived turmoil and shifting political winds, and we're here for the long haul. Freedom Forge Armory continues to be veteran owned and operated even as we continue to grow.

For our customers, this means that all Freedom Forge Armory rifles feature:

  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Features that don’t come standard in our competitors products
  • The ability for the end user to customize the product
  • Great design, intuitive controls, and balance
  • A lifetime warranty
Thanks so much to all of our loyal customers, and for those of you new to our brand, come see what sets us apart.

Owner and Master Gunsmith


Owner and Master Gunsmith

Owner and master gunsmith at Freedom Forge Armory.

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Engraver and Gunsmith

Master engraver and gunsmith at Freedom Forge Armory.

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  • Mechanicsville, Virginia, United States