Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I saw the announcement on the M6E rifle but it's not available yet. When will the M6E be available?

A: Final Testing on the M6E finished in July but due to market conditions the raw materials to make it in production are slow coming in. We also had to shut down production of the Mk5 Mod4 Joint Rifle and re-tool for the M6E. The retooling is complete and as soon as all the materials have arrived we'll start making them.  

Q: I saw a news story that the 4th circuit court of appeals had ruled that an 18-21 year olds can now purchase a pistol. I'm under 21 can I purchase a pistol?

A: This is a great win for individual firearms rights, but there is still a long road ahead on this issue. The Department of Justice could seek an injunction and appeal to the Supreme Court. A very likely outcome. Currently we haven't received any guidance from the Depatment of Justice, ATF, or Virginia State Police on how or even if we can transfer a pistol to an individual under the age of 21. Please be patent while we await that guidance. 

Q: I'm a 07 FFL but I don't have the machines to make receivers. Does Freedom Forge Armory do variance manufacturing?

A: Yes we do. We all started out there, wondering how to make our products, we can manufacture as many or as few receivers as you need. Please visit our page under products and services for more informationon our variance manufacturing process.

Q: I see that Freedom Forge Armory sells bulk ammunition. I can't find ammunition anywhere right now. Can Freedom Forge Armory get it?

A: These are interesting times, and we are having the same difficulty getting ammunition as everyone else. Right now the ammunition plants in the US are doing all they can to get products back out in the market, and there seven million new gun owners in the US in the last six months. The good news is the ammunition manufacturers have the additional production lines running for the surge in demand. We expect the ammunition shortage to normalize in late March to mid April of 2021.

Q: I tried to schedule an appointment but the website won't let me, I've canceled or rescheduled my appointment several times. Why can't I cancel, schedule, or reschedule my appointment anymore? 

A: Our appointment system is automated, and after so many cancellations or rescheduling attempts with in a certain period (90 days) it locks out that account to prevent abuse of the system. If you're locked out you will need to call the shop to schedule your appointment and have your account unlocked.

Q: Will Freedom Forge Armory participate in the new Universal Background check requirement set to go into effect on the 1st of July 2020 in Virginia.

A: Yes, we participate in the program. We will not be charging more than what is required of us by the state for this service.

Q: I can't find an address for Freedom Forge Armory, where is the shop located?

A: Freedom Forge Armory doesn't have a retail store front because we are a manufacturer that deals primarily with government and law enforcement agencies. There are no new or used guns for sale in the shop. When you schedule an appointment for service through the website the address will be provided.  

Q: I have a transfer that is being sent to Freedom Forge Armory. What do I need to do?

A: Please contact us before having the gun shipped. We have very specific shipping instructions to ensure that it arrives safely. We really don't like it when a random gun shows up, and we don't know who it's for or why it's here. If you have a transfer coming in once it is logged in and ready for pick up we'll contact you with the address and set an appointment time for pick up. Do not send anything COD, we will not sign for, or pay for it. Please see the section on FFL and NFA Transfers for detailed information.

Q: Does Freedom Forge Armory accept credit or debit cards or PayPal for payment?

A: Yes we do accept credit and debit cards in the shop and for online orders you will receive a email with a invoice and link to complete your payment. We also accept cash, certified funds, and personal or business checks for payment. We do not accept VENMO, Pay Pal, or other money transfer services for payment, their rules not ours. (Do not send cash through the mail for payment)

Q: I received a email telling me that my online order has been canceled for non payment, or the card declined.

A: For online orders, after 7 business days with no payment received we will cancel your order, to prevent a backlog in our system of unpaid orders. If you think there was a error or you never received the email with the invoice and link for payment contact us and we'll take your payment by an alternate method and get started on you order.

Q: I need to send a firearm to Freedom Forge Armory for repair, or refinishing, how do I do that?

A: Before sending a firearm to Freedom Forge Armory please contact us for shipping instructions, or schedule a drop off appointment on our website. Please do not send a firearm without contacting us or scheduling an appointment first.

Q: Do I need to disassemble my gun before bringing it, or shipping it to Freedom Forge Armory for repair or refinishing?

A: No, It is not necessary to disassemble you gun prior to us working on it. In fact we discourage it, because small parts get lost or go missing. If a screw or spring is missing, we have to ask ,did we loose it or was it not there to begin with? If your gun is dissembled because you can't get it back together please bag up all the screws, springs and miscellaneous parts you can find before bringing it in or shipping it. If you must disassemble it for shipping, (ie. taking the barrel off a shotgun so it will fit in the box) just remove the major assembly and package it securely with the rest of the gun. In some rare cases we may ask you to disassemble the gun prior to bringing it in but those are very rare cases.

Q: I ordered a Joint Rifle, what's taking so long to get it to me?

A: Joint Rifles are built when ordered because each rifle has numerous options or colors that can be added. After each rifle is built it goes through a rigorous proofing process, no rifle is released until it passes that process. In general each rifle takes about three to four weeks to complete and proof. It could take a little longer depending on the options that you requested, or if there is a shortage of a part we need. If you're concerned about he time that's passed give us a call and we'll let you know where your rifle is in the building process. 

Q: I damaged my Joint Rifle, What do I do?

A: Please don't try to fix it your self, you can make things a lot worse. Discontinue use of the rifle and contact us immediately. We will give you instructions to send it back for evaluation and repair. The warranty covers manufacturer defects and we'll take care of those. If it's something you did just own up to it and we'll repair it for the cost of parts and labor. If the rifle has to be replaced we'll let you know before we do anything.

Q: Are your rifles and suppressors available for purchase anywhere else?

A: Currently they are not available in any retail stores. We don't have the capacity to keep ourselves and retail locations stocked yet, but we're working on that.  

Q: My new Joint Rifle or silencer didn't come with an operators manual where can I get one?

A: The world has moved into the digital age and so have we. All of the operators guides are here on the website so they can be accessed from anywhere you have phone service or internet access. They can be found under the Information and Operators Guide section of the website.

Q: I sent a gun in for work, how long will it take to get it back?

A: That depends on a lot of factors. Our current work load, parts availability, extent of damage, and the repairs requested are the big ones. With some guns we have to do a lot of searching for the right part or make it if it's not available. Refinishing is a slow and methodical process. Custom work can take a lot of time. Sometimes when doing repairs we find another problem that effects safety and proper function. We get very busy in the months leading up to and following hunting season. As with any repair the firearm may have to be tested after the work is complete. Guns aren't released back to the customer until we're 100% satisfied that it will be safe and work properly.

Q: I see that Freedom Forge Armory does barrel threading, can you thread a shotgun barrel for an internal choke?

A: No, we do not have the tooling for doing internal shotgun barrel chokes. The tooling is cost prohibitive for us and there are several larger companies that offer this service much cheaper than we could.

Q: I bought a kit online to assemble a rifle or pistol with an 80% lower or frame, can Freedom Forge Armory finish the receiver or frame for me, and assemble the gun?

A: No, per BATFE industry letter 2015-1 if we make or finish a receiver or frame in our facility, it becomes a Freedom Forge Armory product and must be marked with our markings, it then becomes a regulated item and must be transferred on a form 4473. Per the same letter you can't rent time on our tools, tooling, or machines to carry out the finishing operations yourself.

Q: I machined out an 80% lower or frame. Can Freedom Forge Armory install the lower parts for me?

A: No, the reason is there a wide variation in 80% designs and and dimensions. We have no control over the tools and methods used to manufacture the lower. Receivers made by using 80% jigs are often out of tolerance and require re-machining, significant amounts of hand fitting, or may not be safe or usable at all. We can measure it and advise you if it is in or out of tolerance, and we can finish it in the color of your choice.

Q: I bought parts online from different manufacturers to assemble a rifle or pistol with a lower or frame, can Freedom Forge Armory tell me how to properly assemble it?

A: No, because there are so many variations in parts between manufacturers, we can't possibly know them all, and we don't know if parts from different manufacturers will fit and function when put together. 

Q: I have a Joint Rifle and I want to swap the upper or lower to another rifle, can I do that?

A: We strongly recommend against doing that. Joint Rifles are assembled as a matched set to a fine tolerance that may not fit or function properly with another manufacturers parts. The 300HX is especially susceptible to malfunctioning if parts from another manufacturer are introduced. Swapping or changing parts in your Joint Rifle will void the warranty. 

Q: I want to put a binary trigger or other manufacturers trigger in my Joint Rifle, is that OK, will it work?

A: Binary trigger systems were tested in the Joint Rifle, installation and use could lead to a catastrophic malfunction. Swapping or altering the fire control group in your Joint Rifle will void the warranty. (See the article on binary triggers for more information.) Yes we can tell if you installed a binary trigger in your rifle.

Q: I want to buy a Freedom Forge Armory Suppressor, how do I do that?

A: Like Joint Rifles, our suppressors are built when ordered. They can be ordered here on the website or you can set up an appointment for you to come by the shop and we'll discuss the options you want and fill out the proper paperwork. The actual transfer process on average takes about six to nine months for BATFE approval.

Q: I have a Freedom Forge Armory suppressor and I need another QD for a different gun, how do I get one?

A: Additional QD mounts are available to purchase here on the website. It takes us about one to three weeks to make one and ship it. Please know what thread pitch you need for your particular rifle, we will not exchange a muzzle device if you ordered the wrong thread pitch. All muzzle devices for suppressors should be installed and aligned by a competent gunsmith.  

Q: I live out side of Virginia and I want a Joint Rifle or silencer. I live in _____ . Will you ship a rifle or silencer to a FFL/SOT in my state?

A: Yes we will, but Freedom Forge Armory does have certain states we will not ship rifles, silencers, parts, or magazines to. These include states that have either firearm silencer, and / or magazine restrictions or outright bans. We will not service rifles, silencers, parts, or magazines originating from those states either. States we will not ship to include Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, Hawaii, Washington DC, and any where outside of the US. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not ship ammunition to California. Please do not ask if we will make a version that complies with your states laws, they are to numerous, we don't know or understand all of your states laws, and we don't want to risk sending you a rifle that you can't take possession of, or breaking your states laws.   

Q: I want to buy a 300 SASS, it's a semi automatic rifle, why are they restricted to law enforcement and government?

A: The 300 SASS is built to extremely fine tolerances. Each 300 SASS takes two to three months to build and we don't have the production capacity to build a lot of them. The 300 SASS also has special features not built into any other rifle that makes it a very effective sniper platform, and we don't want the information on what makes the 300 SASS so effective in the wrong hands. For the foreseeable future they will remain restricted to law enforcement and government sales. The 300HX is a very accurate, and effective rifle for the recreational and competitive shooter. 

Q: I work for a law enforcement agency. Can I get a Joint Rifle or 300 SASS for demonstration?

A: Yes, We can send you a Joint Rifle or 300 SASS for a seven day demonstration period. A request for a demonstration rifle must be sent to us on an official department letterhead with the model or models you want to evaluate. All we ask is that you don't abuse the rifle and return it in the same condition you received it in. We have a very limited number of demonstration rifles available and it's first come first serve. Please schedule your demonstration well in advance of when you need the rifle.

Q: I work for a law enforcement agency. We don't have a department armorer to maintain our duty weapons. Can Freedom Forge Armory help us?

A: Yes we can, we have been working with the law enforcement community for a long time and understand your needs. We offer armorer support services by contact. Contact us for more details.

Q: I work for a law enforcement agency. Can I get a Joint Rifle for duty use?

A: Yes, that's what the Joint Rifle System was designed for. They can be purchased by individual officers or through a department contract. Approval for duty use is up to your chief. If you have concerns about approval contact us for a demonstration first.

Q: Does Freedom Forge Armory offer law enforcement pricing?

A: Yes we do, We offer a discount for individual officer purchases and for contract orders placed by a qualifying department. Contact us directly for law enforcement contract pricing or for the individual law enforcement officer purchase discount code to use before placing your order.

Q: Does Freedom Forge Armory offer discounts to other public service officials?

A: Yes, we offer discounts on some products to members of fire departments, military members, and retirees, after verifying your credentials. Contact us directly for a discount code to use before placing your order.

Q: Are there short barreled and fully automatic versions of the Joint Rifle available?

A: Yes, 10" short barreled versions of the JR-15E2 Enhanced Joint Rifle are available to qualifying individuals and agencies, they are subject to all NFA regulations and transfer times take between six to nine months. Yes, there is a fully automatic version of the JR-15E2 Enhanced Joint Rifle. They are only available to qualifying government agencies, law enforcement, and 01 or 07 FFL holders with a 03 or 02 SOT. These are post 86 machineguns and are subject to BATFE regulations. SOT holders must have a law enforcement demonstration letter from a qualifying agency prior to any transfer of a post 86 machinegun. Information on the NFA versions of the Joint Rifle can be found in the NFA Rifles section.    

Q: I purchased an NFA firearm how do I fill out the ATF Form 4?

A: We have provided an easy to understand guide to filling out the Form 4 under our information section. Once you complete the Form 4 please return it to us, do not send it directly to BATFE. We will proof read it and ensure it's correct before it's sent in to ensure that it's not delayed or rejected, then send it out.

Q: I received a letter requesting my payment and pick up, or notifying me that my firearm will be sold to cover the cost of my bill, what can I do?

A: If you received a letter requesting that you pay for and pick up your firearm please do not ignore it, contact us as soon as you receive it. We understand that sometimes life just happens and often times we can work out a payment option that works for everybody. If you received a letter stating that your firearm will be sold to cover the cost of your bill, that is what will happen, under Virginia law after 90 days with no payment the firearm is considered abandoned property and a warrant in debt has been placed against your account. The firearm will be sold at market value to cover the cost of the work performed, interest accrued, storage fees, and recover legal fees. You can purchase the firearm at the listed price.

Q: I am an 01 FFL holder with a brick and mortar store, and I want to offer gunsmithing services but I don't have a gunsmith on staff, can Freedom Forge Armory help me?

A: Yes, Freedom Forge Armory offers gunsmithing services to other FFLs by contract, based on the expected amount of work. As an 07 manufacturer we can do work that a 01 FFL can't do or may not have the personnel or facilities to do. Contact us for more information on our contract gunsmithing services.

Q: I'm making what might be considered a regulated item under the NFA and I'm trying to skirt around the NFA regulations, can Freedom Forge Armory tell me how to do that?

A: Hard No! Don't contact us asking how to break or skirt the law, we're not going to help you. If we suspect that you're fishing for information on how to break or skirt any firearm laws NFA or otherwise, we'll ask that you don't contact us again and end the conversation. We will not participate in your criminal activities, and if we feel that you are breaking the law we will report it to law enforcement.

Q: The background check for the transfer or sale of my firearm was denied, can I have my wife, husband, friend come in and do the background check?

A: No, Per federal and state laws that would be a straw purchase. If we suspect that a sale or transfer is a straw purchase we will deny the sale or transfer and notify law enforcement.

Q: Why are background checks taking so much longer? I've never been delayed before.

A: The short answer is firearm sales are way up in these last few months, add that to the new laws here in Virginia and you get delays. We are seeing delays of a few hours to a few days.

Q: I've read to the end of the FAQ's and I didn't see the answer to my question. What Now?

A: Calm down, take a deep breath, and drink some water. First off thanks for reading to the end of the FAQ's. Now, contact us through the website, Facebook, or call us. We'll help you out.