Please note that turn around times may be extended due to on going issues with the supply chain. 

All firearms are refinished using products from KG GunKote. We have experimented with a lot of refinishing systems over the years and found KG to be superior to other refinishing products on the market, with regards to consistency and durability. 

Rifle Refinishing            

                                         $165.00        GUNKOTE

                                         $175.00        Parkerizing, Magnesium or Zink

                                         $220.00        Bluing

Shotgun Refinishing            

                                         $170.00        GUNKOTE

                                         $180.00        Parkerizing, Magnesium or Zink

                                         $230.00        Bluing

Pistol Refinishing            

                                         $145.00        GUNKOTE

                                         $155.00        Parkerizing, Magnesium or Zink

                                         $200.00        Bluing

Additional GUNKOTE colors        $85.00            per additional color requested

For a chart of colors available check out KG GunKote here. We use the 2400 and 2500 series.

KG GunKote provides excellent abrasion, chemical and impact resistance. The coating is guaranteed not to Chip Flake, Peel or Rust.