We know you can't wait to get your new firearm, but please wait until you receive a message from us telling you that it is ready to be picked up before scheduling an appointment. We are still seeing shipping delays and errors that show it as delivered when it hasn't been. Appointments that are scheduled for pick up that don't have a corresponding firearm are automatically canceled by our system.

Bought a firearm from someone out of state, or online? Need to send one to someone in another state? Now what? Freedom Forge Armory can handle the transfer for you. 

For Virginia residents the "Universal Background Check Law" goes into effect on 1 July 2020. 

This law prohibits, with limited exceptions, a private seller from selling a firearm for money, goods or services or anything else of value unless he has obtained verification from a licensed dealer in firearms that information on the prospective purchaser has been submitted for a criminal history record information check and that a determination has been received from the Department of State Police that the prospective purchaser is not prohibited under state or federal law from possessing a firearm.

All firearms and NFA items transfers are handled by appointment for your convenience. Please use our appointment scheduling service for pick up's. Please coordinate with us before having a firearm or NFA item shipped to us. If you have an item that needs to be shipped to another FFL we can handle that too.

Freedom Forge Armory is a preferred FFL with the following large online retailers and distributors:

Gun Broker:

Classic Firearms:


Grab A Gun:

AIM Surplus:

Palmetto State Armory:

Transfers sent to Freedom Forge Armory. 

Regular Firearm: $27.00

NFA Item: $75.00

Transfers sent to other FFLs

Regular firearms $30.00 + shipping cost

NFA Item: $100.00 + shipping cost

Transfers Individual to Individual (Virginia residents only).

Regular firearms $30.00

Cash or Credit Debit card payment only accepted for transfers. Do not have anything sent COD we will not sign for, or pay for it.


Receiving FFL: Freedom Forge Armory LLC


Phone: 804-869-8960

Shipping Address:

Freedom Forge Armory LLC 

7400 Brandy Creek Dr

Mechanicsville, VA 23111

(We will provide a copy of our FFL to the seller/dealer if required, please do not ask us for a copy we will not provide it to non FFL's.)


1. Contact us first before you have the firearm shipped, you will receive an email from notifying you that it is ready to be picked up and to set up an appointment, on our appointment scheduler. Please do not schedule an appointment until after you have received notification.

2. You must be 18 years old to receive a rifle, 21 years old to receive a pistol, frame, or receiver.

3. You must have a valid Drivers License or Identification Card with your correct address.

4. Purchase of a handgun. Please bring your valid Concealed Handgun Permit.

(Virginia residents licenses must be issued 30 days prior to the date of purchase)

5.  Military PCS Orders.

(For our residents of Virginia that are here on military duty your PCS orders serve as proof of residency)

6.  Any other identifying documents you might need to establish residency and / or citizenship.

7.  $27.00 in cash or card. (Personal and Business checks not accepted for transfers.)

If you are concerned that you may not be eligible to purchase or receive a firearm please check here. before ordering or having a firearm shipped to us. If you are not eligible to receive a firearm sent for transfer it will be disposed of or returned at your expense.