Silencers or suppressors, no matter what you call them Freedom Forge Armory makes one for everyone, and we make silencer ownership easy, weather it's your first NFA purchase or your fifteenth we walk you through the process from start to finish. We manufacture two lines of silencers, the heavy duty titanium line, and the recreational "A" Line. Our titanium suppressors are built tough for a life time of duty use by law enforcement and shooters that plan to run them hard. The "A" Line is for the recreational shooter and hunter. They're light weight, traditional design, and lower cost makes them the perfect silencer for recreational use. Our suppressors have some strange names but they work just like the silencer some big companies are making. When we developed these suppressors the team used developmental names for the different models to conceal what they actually were. By the time development and testing was complete the developmental names stuck so we ran with it.


Is a Titanium monocore suppressor for pistols and rifles that is rated for 9mm, .300 BLK, 762x39mm, .308, 30-06, 300 WSM, .223, 7.5x28mm, .17HRM, and .22LR. The GASCAN is a true jack of all trades silencer. The GASCAN Mk 3 Mod 2 is available in a direct threaded version for 1/2-28, 5/8-24 for rifles. The Mk 3 Mod 2 QD is Quick Disconnect version. The QD attachments are available for 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 threaded barrels. Other threading may be available by request. A booster is required for use on threaded pistol barrels. 


Mk 3 Mod 2 Direct Thread $750.99

Mk 3 Mod 2 Quick Disconnect $950.99

Booster for pistol use $140.99 (Only available with the Mk 3 Mod 2 QD GASCAN)


Is a Titanium monocore suppressor dedicated .223 caliber rifle silencer that is rated for.223, 7.5x28mm, .17HRM, and .22LR. The BACK BLAST is smaller and lighter than the GASCAN. It is a Quick Disconnect mounted silencer that pairs perfectly the Freedom Forge Armory Joint Rifles chambered in 5.56mm, and makes it the perfect silencer for law enforcement and tactical use. The QD attachment is 1/2-28.




Is a Titanium monocore suppressor dedicated .22LR silencer. The SILVER-Ti is perfect for an afternoon of plinking in the back yard or for mounting on your favorite squirrel rifle.



A Line suppressors

SILVER A, Silence is golden, but the silver is quiet, made from 7075 aluminum and using traditional K baffles, it's the perfect silencer for a afternoon of quiet plinking at the range, mounting to your favorite squirrel or varmint rifle, or 22 pistol.   

PILLAR 2A, the PILLAR has been completely redesigned as the 2A, it's much lighter than the original titanium PILLAR and set up as a dedicated pistol silencer. PILLAR 2A uses 7075 aluminum as the primary material and traditional K baffles.  

Freedom Forge Armory Suppressors should not be mounted on rifles with a barrel length of less than 10" baffle strikes may occur.

GASCAN Boosters and A Line boosters are not interchangeable. Mixing of titanium and A Line parts could result in personal injury, property damage, or death.