Upcoming 2021 Virginia legislative session.

Well, here we go again. You would have though they got the message last year that gun control doesn't play well in the commonwealth. Two bills have been introduced into this years session HB960 and HB961 is back. 

HB960 imposes an additional 10% tax on all arms and ammunition sold in retail sales. This tax will effectively place an additional tax burden on every round of ammunition or firearm you choose to buy and price a lot of people out of the market. It will also hurt retailer and manufacturers. 

You can read the bills language here.


HB961 is the same as last year, it's an outright ban on the most commonly owned firearms, magazines, and accessories with no grandfathering. That would turn lawful gun owners into felons overnight in they refused to surrender their lawfully purchased property.

You can read the bills language here.


Once again The VCDL is preparing for the up coming fight. Right now you need to start contacting your legislator and reminding them that we are not the problem and we don't want this. VCDL lobby day is on the 18th of January it starts at 8AM at Capital square. Link for more information https://vcdl.org/event-3998485?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=1/4/2021 There was a unprecedented turn out last year, lets do even better this year. 

We ask that you throw your support behind the VCDL and NSSF they are on the front lines fighting for us and they need our support. Once again the NRA is missing in action. 

Link for the VCDL  https://vcdl.org/

Link for the NSSF https://www.nssf.org/

The days of sitting comfortable and letting others do the work are over, we are in a knife fight for our existence. It doesn't matter if you've been shooting for years or a brand new gun owner now is the time to get involved.

"No one is coming, it's up to us."

B. Pritchard