November 2019 Virginia Elections

With Tuesday’s election results here in Virginia, and I’m as disappointed in my fellow citizens as you probably are. I have been receiving a lot of emails, messages, and calls this week asking what’s going to happen in the coming months and years. The short answer is I don’t know. 

What I do know is their agenda, red flag laws, the return of one gun a month, magazine restrictions, and reintroduction of some form of the AWB, universal background checks and what ever other creative solutions looking for a problem they can dream up. 

I know that the outcome shouldn’t be because we took the easy way out. You still have a voice and with that voice you can tell your elected representative what you think. The days of resting comfortably and letting others do the grunt work are over. If you really value your god given rights then you better get busy. If your content to live comfortably on your knees then good luck to you and may your chains be light. 

So what can you do. I would strongly encourage you to get involved with the Virginia Citizens Defense League and National Shooting Sports Foundation. Both of these organizations carry a lot of political weight here in Virginia and at the national level, they are true grass roots organizations that are managed properly and get things done. The VCDL is already formulating their plan for the upcoming state house sessions. Don’t just donate money but go to the VCDL lobby day in January make your voice heard. If just the CHP holders here in Virginia came it would fill the capital, that doesn’t include all the hunters, and sport shooters. Imagine that many people there united behind a cause, that would cause the most hardcore of rights restrictiors to back down. 

And for those that are the on the fence about their support for gun rights. Take this warning. As the 2nd amendment goes so will go the others. 

No one is coming. The outcome is up to us.