Failure to follow installation and maintenance instructions detailed in this guide may result in serious personal injury and damage to the suppressor and  host firearm.

Firearm sound suppressors are user-attached firearm muzzle devices, and as such are subject to improper attachment issues unless the procedures outlined in this guide are followed precisely. Do not attempt to use this product unless you have specific training and experience in the use of firearms and suppressors.

Before installing or removing the M223A1 sound suppressor from the host weapon, be sure that the weapon is unloaded and the action is opened so that it is visibly clear of any ammunition. If you are at all unsure as to the proper procedures to ensure that your firearm is unloaded, please consult your firearm user’s manual/instructions and/or contact a properly licensed dealer or the manufacturer of your weapon. 

Because suppressed firearms make less noise than unsuppressed firearms, it is easy to forget that they are still firearms and capable of causing bodily injury and property damage. It is of vital importance to remember that a suppressed firearm is just as dangerous as an unsuppressed firearm, and that the same safe handling
requirements still apply. 


The M223A1 is a Titanium monocore suppressor, lighter and quieter than any other 556 NATO/.223 Remington caliber suppressor on the market. In addition to its performance, the M223A1's design allows for maximum user adaptability and convenience. Each M223A1 comes with an Advanced Quick Detach(AQD) mount complete with an AQD muzzle brake in 1/2 X 28.

All other accessories, including additional AQD muzzle devices are sold separately. 

The M223A1 is full-auto rated and is compatible with a range of ammunition from 22LR to 556 NATO


The M223A1 is rated down to 10" barrels for .223 Remington/556 NATO.

Suppressors must be free of obstructions such as mud, dirt, etc. Do NOT attempt to shoot through an obstructed suppressor.

The M223A1 was designed to be used “dry” and free of any ablative media, such as grease and water. If submerged in water, allow the suppressor to completely dry before use. 

After use with 22LR ammunition in the M223A1 a few rounds of full power 556 NATO/.223 Remington should be fired through the suppressor to remove any lead fowling. 


Thread the AQD Mount assembly onto the M223A1 suppressor body by hand, taking care not to cross-thread.

Hold the M223A1 body with a firm grip. Using the M223A1 Tool to grasp the notches in the base of the AQD mount, tighten the coupler in a clockwise direction. 

Torque to approximately 35 ft-lbs. 

To remove, perform steps in reverse order. 


Verify the AQD collar is in the unlocked position, with locking collar rotated clockwise, before installing.

Install the M223A1 by sliding the back end over the muzzle brake until it stops, then turn the suppressor clockwise to hand tighten.
Rotate the AQD collar counter-clockwise to the locked position.

To remove, perform steps in reverse order. 


The M223A1 requires limited maintenance.

AQD Mounts and AQD muzzle breaks should periodically be cleaned with any standard gun cleaning solvent and a soft bristle brush to remove any carbon or fouling. 

If necessary, run a soft bristle cleaning brush through the bore to remove any light fouling of the suppressor. 

A light coat of anti-seize compound should be applied to the threads of the AQD mount periodically to prevent carbon locking/seizing of the threads to the suppressor body.

Do not run cleaning patches through the bore of the suppressor as the patches might become lodged in the suppressor and cause damage upon firing.


Always read the warning label on any cleaner or solvent, and remember that virtually all solvents are inherently dangerous and potentially toxic. Always use adequate ventilation and both skin and eye protection when
using solvents. 


After use the suppressor body will be very hot. Do not touch the suppressor body with bare hands. Touching a hot suppressor will result in serious burns and injuries. Allow the suppressor to cool to ambient temperature before handling or placing it in a case for storage. 


AQD muzzle devices should only be installed and aligned by a competent and qualified gunsmith. A miss-aligned or loose AQD muzzle device will cause baffle strikes and damage to the suppressor and host firearm.


The AQD Mount and AQD muzzle device is not compatible with any other brand of silencer/suppressor. The M223A1 is not compatible with any other brand of mounts or muzzle devices. Use of other brand devices could result in baffle strikes, damage to the suppressor and/or host firearm, and serious personal injury.


All NFA Rules apply to the possession and use of firearm silencers/suppressors.