Joint Rifle price changes effective 9/26/2020


Effective today I have to raise the prices on all of the Joint rifle series. I know this will not be a popular decision with our customers. I could have just done it with no explanation, but I want you to know why. I have worked hard with the suppliers that we get materials from sense April to avoid it, but I can't delay it any longer. 

I'm not raising the prices because of the political climate, civil unrest, COVID-19 or any other turmoil. I refuse to participate in the price gouging that's going on in the firearms and ammunition industry right now, personally I find that behavior sickening and it only hurts our industry in the long run. It comes down to economics. The prices of the raw materials, steel, aluminum, and polymers that go into making our rifles has gone up. I could have sacrificed quality and kept the cost close to the same, but that's not fair to you the consumer. Our rifles have a reputation for outstanding quality and accuracy. I refuse to sacrifice that reputation. Even if I had decided to cut the quality the price would have risen, so why cut the quality we're known for. 

I want you to know that every rifle that comes from Freedom Forge Armory is built like a life hangs in the balance. 

B Pritchard