Introduction of the E2 Series Joint Rifle

A Message From The Owner:

I am a firm believer in "the plains of hesitation." I am not content to rest on current successes. The AR15-E1 Joint Rifle has been a huge success that has gained national attention (more on that later), and it would be easy to take a tactical pause. But that's not what Freedom Forge Armory does. I am already mocking up the Gen 2 Joint Rifle, incorporating leading edge technology in the design. Pushing the envelope to make it lighter, faster, more reliable, and more accurate. What new technology and design changes? Well you'll just have to wait and see. Rest assured that it will be every bit as impressive as the E1. While development and testing of the E2 prototypes continues all of the current Joint Rifle versions, the E1, S1, and DM will remain in full production, I have no plans to phase them out for a while, even after the introduction of the E2.