Freedom Forge Armory LLC, Changes and Price Increases


To my valued customers,

Freedom Forge Armory LLC continues to experience cost increases and limited supplies of raw materials, parts, and chemicals. This has combined with the loss of several of our key suppliers that have made the decision to close their doors in the face of increasing pressure on the firearms industry by the current administration. 

In mid July Freedom Forge Armory experienced it's biggest blow to date, with the implementation of the ATF's new rules on 80% lower receivers. Our primary supplier pulled them from the market and canceled all sales without warning, despite previous assurances that raw 80% lowers would still be available to FFL's after the rule took effect. This made our in house machines and tooling obsolete overnight. The company can retool with newer and more capable machines but this process is very expensive and will take many months to accomplish.

Up until now Freedom Forge Armory LLC has been able to shoulder the burden of these incremental price increases and material shortages without passing it along to our customers as much as possible.

Unfortunately, we've come to a cross roads. Effective the 10th of August 2022 there will be some changes to the prices, products, and services offered. Variance manufacturing will no longer be offered as a service and the prices for parts, repairs, and finishing work will be increasing.

For orders and work placed before the 10th of August prices will not be affected. 

I want to thank you, my valued customers for your understanding and support during these difficult times we all find ourselves in, and hope that you remain a loyal customer of Freedom Forge Armory LLC.