Binary Triggers and the Joint Rifle

From our Master Gunsmith.

First off, I'm not anti binary trigger. I actually did some testing with a few of them in the S2, E2, APC-9, and even the 300HX Joint Rifles, just to see if it offered a capability that I was missing. What I found was it really messed up the timing in our rifles, and in one case caused the rifle to come apart. Yes you read that right. It came apart. It also accelerated barrel ware in the throat and bore. I honestly couldn't find a situation where a binary trigger offered an advantage over one of the current triggers I make. They were all difficult to install, parts were easily lost and most of them were complicated and caused fit issues. I felt that these triggers added a layer of complexity to our rifles for no gain. The Joint Rifle System is elegantly simple and accurate, that's what it's supposed to be. In the end the juice just wasn't worth the squeeze and the problems they caused in our rifles weren't worth trying to fix for a trigger system. I hope this addresses a lot of the questions that I get about binary triggers.


Master Gunsmith