Move Anouncment

Published 5/3/16

You may have heard recent rumbling and rumors with regard to Freedom Forge Armory. I’m making this announcement today to put those rumors to rest. 

First, Freedom Forge Armory is not going out of business, it’s doing well, so well in fact that I have to expand. This expansion includes new rifles, like the 300HX Designated Marksman Rifle in 762 and the improved E2 Joint Rifle. A new line of silencers, the 762 Gascan, 556 Backblast, 22LR Silver, and 9mm Pillar, made right here at Freedom Forge, and some other products that will be introduced later this year. 

Second, this expansion required a change to our license with the BATFE, we did not get in trouble and lose our license. We filed for and received a different type of FFL, this transition to the new FFL has been seamless with the ATF. We continue to operate as we always have, on the right side of law and within the regulations establish by the BATFE and state of Virginia. 

This license transition, move, and the impending expansion required us to temporarily slow and even halt operations at times, telling customers that products were temporarily out of stock, and we didn’t know when they would be back in stock, to be re-inspected by the ATF, and shut down our website while it is reworked with the new products and services for the new operation. 

This all happened behind the scenes and was purposely unannounced, until everything was finalized. This is probably where the rumors originated from. 

This expansion also required us to move from our former location in New Kent. We have moved to a facility that is larger and will accommodate more modern machines and equipment. This move will be completed by the first week of May 2016, and we will resume production within a week or two of being established in the new building. You can expect to see all of our regular products back in stock along with some new ones around the first of June, the new silencers should be out by July or August. It means more availability of our Joint Rifles as we increase production. It will mean that soon you will be able to purchase the individual components that go into making a Joint Rifle including lower and upper receivers.  

It means the introduction of our silencers that will be very affordable. 

It means faster turn around on gunsmithing, repairs, refinishing, and custom guns with more convenience for you the customer. 

As Freedom Forge turns the machines on in the new location we will be changing our focus to manufacturing, and that means we will be changing the way we interact with our customers. 

The new location will not have a retail store that you can visit. I had to make a choice between retail sales and manufacturing output. The new building, while larger, doesn't have enough room for both, and having a retail sales area would have forced me to raise our prices and deceased the space for the machines to make products. I didn’t want to do that. You, our loyal customers have voted with your wallets, and you like the prices and products. If you want to buy directly from us, our products will be available through the new web site and at local gun stores very soon, I will announce those locations as they receive stock. For gunsmithing, refinishing, and custom work we are transitioning to direct shipping from, and back to customers. 

Your time is valuable and so is ours. With direct shipping for gunsmith work there is no need for you to take time out of your day to drop your gun off and come pick it up when it’s ready, it comes right back to your door. Again this saves you money.

I know that some of you won’t like these changes to the way I’ve done things, and I understand. I’ve had to make some tough decisions to arrive at this point but Freedom Forge Armory must move forward and grow, and this is how I’ve decided to do it. 

As we make this expansion and move a reality we look forward to the possibilities and the future. Freedom Forge Armory will release updates as we finish the move and get up and running.