Frequently asked question about the proposed new laws.

Right now we only know what's been proposed. The law making process is a long and mostly public process with lots of opportunity to interact with legislatures, contact them often and let them know what you think (be respectful). Proposed laws are often rewritten in the respective committees so it's important to follow the process, you have to research it for your self, and get involved when and where you can, the committees are small and a whole lot easier to influence than the entire house. We don't know what the final bills that may reach the floor for a vote will look like, but we will have an opportunity to see them. 

We are proceeding as normal right now and that's what we feel you should do to. When or if that situation changes we will adjust accordingly.

The 2A sanctuary county / city resolutions that have been passed by a majority of Virginia is a great start, but it's just a start. The real work starts in the new year. Just like voting if you don't get involved you can't complain about what's happening and you can't tell your self that someone else will fight the fight. It's up to all of us now. 

I've talked to a lot of people that are afraid that this is going to turn into a shooting match between citizens and law enforcement or the National Guard, some of those folks on the fringe are ready to get that started now. I don't think those voices speak for the majority of us and the last thing we need is to make enemies out of them, they don't want this anymore than any of us do. We need cool heads to prevail because the first time some extremist does something stupid we are all going to be tried in the media, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and that will be used as an excuse to ram through everything they want. 

Keep Calm and Carry On.

Sic Simper Tyrranis.