A lot has happened in the last few weeks with the COVID-19 pandemic. In reality the situation is changing by the hour. So we are taking some protective measures here at Freedom Forge Armory as well. A lot of businesses are temporarily closing their doors to customers to limit contact. Because of the way we normally operate and interact with the public I don't feel the need to do that right now but the situation could change and rapidly. What we will do is limit customer to customer contact. Ordinarily we could accommodate several appointments for different services at the same time, I'm temporarily changing that to one customer at a time in the shop. 

How will that affect you? Our appointments will become more spread out and if you schedule an appointment at the same time as another customer you may be asked to move your time slot to a different date and/or time. I understand that you picked that date and time because it was convenient to you and because of that and the inconvenience it could cause if the new date and time doesn't work out I am also suspending the rescheduling fee in those cases. 

I value you and your health as well as that of the Freedom Forge Armory team members and I want to do my part to help stop the spread of this virus as much as anyone. You, our customers have a part to play in this as well. If you are sick, have been recently sick, or been in contact with someone that is or has been sick please wait two weeks until after they, and you are symptom free before scheduling an appointment for service. If you do come to an appointment and are exhibiting symptoms of illness you will be asked to leave and reschedule. If one of our team members gets sick I will let any customers that may have come in contact with that team member know so they can be monitored and receive timely medical treatment if required. Right now none of the staff or our customers has been diagnosed with, or come in contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19 that we are aware of.

Why am I being a little harsh about this, because Kyle and myself, when we are not here, we are firefighters and if we catch something it takes us out of the fight and takes manpower away from our departments. Firefighters, EMT's, Paramedics, and hospital medical providers are on the front lines of this battle and everyone of us is needed. 

Follow the CDC guidelines for hygiene and avoid close with others when and where you can. Treat this kind of like a snow storm, if you don't need to go out for necessities stay at home. We will get through this and when the danger has passed I will go back to normal operations. We will continue to monitor the situation and directives coming from the government and should it become necessary for us to suspend operations I will let everyone know as quickly as I can. 

Stay healthy